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  School of Health and Care Management
Arden University
Arden University
United Kingdom

"As a leader in online education, Arden University’s School of Health and Care Management is pleased to receive an APHEA validation for its ‘Master of Public Health (MPH) & MSc Global Health Management Programmes’. Both programmes achieved validation in 2021, following a rigorous review with our APHEA partners. The process allowed us to explore and unpack how situated the programmes are in supporting knowledge and graduate skill development for students. 

On reflection, it was an insightful process; not least because it provided us with the opportunity to discuss how the two programmes’ USPs, designed to align with the Arden University core Learning & Teaching strategy, were preoccupied with not only imbuing students with disciplinary knowledge but recognise the interdisciplinary and evidence-based involvement in public health practice. We believe that the collaboration will further support our students to be more employment-ready to work in local, national, and global health workforces, the shape of which has changed significantly post Covid-19. 


While the faculty members involved in the review found it to be a supportive and reflexive process foregrounded in evidencing criteria achievement against APHEA's framework, they also recognised how it was led by a genuine desire from APHEA to explore potential improvement opportunities to the curriculum. That is, in a way that ensures it is leveraging its USPs to respond holistically to the current and future public health needs and demands of communities and populations." 



Validated 2021