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  Master of Public Health (Online)

Dr Rose Geddes

Programme Co-Director

Dr Neneh Rowa-Dewar

Programme Co-Director

The Master of Public Health Online at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland achieved APHEA full programme accreditation in January 2021. This was a very proud achievement for our programme, Deanery and School as it recognised us as providing world-class public health teaching to our students. Our graduates can thus be assured of receiving an internationally assured qualification which equips them with evidence-

based conceptual and practical tools, to take a critical interdisciplinary approach to public health challenges. Being an online programme, our students join us from six continents and

many are professionals employed in a wide range of settings where they can directly apply their public health knowledge and training.

The APHEA accreditation process allowed us to take a critical and systematic look at every aspect of our programme and how it was delivered. This reflection which involved faculty, administrative staff, students, and stakeholders was exceptionally valuable. It has enabled us to identify and address issues in a positive supportive spirit. Our programme has been strengthened and applicants frequently mention our accreditation among the reasons for applying to our programme. Furthermore, we are using our accredited status to build our public health networks, locally and abroad.

Accredited 2021