• Ensuring greater academic RECOGNITION on the global stage.

• Promoting TRANSFERABILITY of public health education & training.

• Increasing EMPLOYABILITY of public health graduates.

• Attesting the QUALITY of Public Health Workforce training.




  Richard M. Fairbanks
School of Public Health
Professor Suzanne Babich
Associate Dean of Global Health 
Professor of Health Policy and Management
Director, Doctoral Program in Global Health Leadership (DrPH)
Dr Carole Kacius,
Associate Dean for Education

Indiana University
Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, Indiana, USA

The IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI has achieved a global milestone: becoming the first US school of public health to receive full accreditation from APHEA.

The APHEA accreditation process provided our school the opportunity for internal self-reflection as well as external examination by global peers. To ensure that our programs remain relevant in a global community, it is important that we receive input and feedback from public health educators around the world.

“As home to the first school of public health in the United States with international APHEA accreditation, IUPUI continues to strengthen our reputation as a global leader in education and research.” Nasser H. Paydar, Chancellor of IUPUI. 

Achieving accreditation by APHEA was the culmination of assessment and planning among our faculty, staff, students, alumni and practice partners. At each stage throughout the process, from curriculum validation to self-study and site visit, the APHEA Executive Director was available answer questions and provide guidance. The entire experience was collaborative and supportive.

“APHEA accreditation is a significant step in elevating the level of global opportunities we offer our students, staff and faculty.” Dr Paul Halverson, founding dean and professor at the Fairbanks School of Public Health.



As a result of this process, both our programs and our school are stronger. We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone in 2019, which will extend access to international experiences and programming. The Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana is proud to be the first U.S. school of public health to achieve accreditation through APHEA.


Accredited 2019