• Ensuring greater academic RECOGNITION on the global stage.

• Promoting TRANSFERABILITY of public health education & training.

• Increasing EMPLOYABILITY of public health graduates.

• Attesting the QUALITY of Public Health Workforce training.




  Master of Public Health
Faculty of Health Sciences in Bytom, Silesia
Prof. Piotr Romaniuk, PhD – Vice Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences in Bytom, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.
Jolanta Malinowska-Borowska, PhD – coordinator of the team responsible for preparation of the self-evaluation documentation at Faculty of Health Sciences in Bytom

APHEA accreditation for the Public Health Programme was a remarkable educational achievement at Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. The preparation process for the accreditation was a very challenging experience. However, it helped us to point out strengths and weaknesses of the programme and improve the quality of teaching at Faculty of Health Sciences in Bytom. The support we received from APHEA staff was also invaluable and of top-class quality during the entire process, starting from documentation preparation and ending on the post-visit recommendations.

The team of visitors provided valuable comments and recommendations which enhanced our educational process. They conducted numerous interviews with students and alumni. The site visit Team always kept an excellent balance between being professional and friendly which was beneficial for both sides. They were eager to help throughout the whole

process of accreditation, from Curriculum Validation process to preparation of the self-evaluation documentation.


The site visit Team have conducted a comprehensive review of Public Health curriculum. We were satisfied with the concerns raised in the final report and we have started implementing recommendations shortly after the accreditation process finished. We are very grateful to the APHEA staff and visiting Team for all of their support, and first of all – the input we received in the improvement of our Public Health programme. We highly recommend APHEA accreditation for all schools and institutions providing teaching in Public Health.


Accredited 2019