• Ensuring greater academic RECOGNITION on the global stage.

• Promoting TRANSFERABILITY of public health education & training.

• Increasing EMPLOYABILITY of public health graduates.

• Attesting the QUALITY of Public Health Workforce training.




  Master in Public Health and Healthcare Management
Professor Bakhramjan Mamatkulov,
Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan
Assoc. Professor Sherzodbek Inakov
Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan

The Tashkent Medical Academy (TMA) is the oldest medical university in Central Asia with a history of more than 100 years. The School of Public Health (SPH) of TMA is the first educational institution in Uzbekistan to offer a Master’s program in Public Health and Healthcare Management, training leaders for the health care system since 2005.

The Validation process, that we have just successfully passed, was a very challenging experience. However, the APHEA secretariat was always responsive to our correspondence and was supportive. We started our accreditation process in 2021 following curriculum validation and are preparing a self-evaluation document. Feedback received from APHEA was very useful and helpful to complete our curriculum validation process giving access to international experience and programming. As a result of this process, we reviewed both our program and training approach.

APHEA Validation facilitated us to revise our curriculum and improve its quality namely in the

part of learning competencies/objectives and assessments, and adapt them according to international standards. Receiving international Validation by APHEA has allowed us to elevate the level of our Master’s program and opened global opportunities to our students, staff and faculty.


Our students expect a very high standard of Public Health education and research from UWE Bristol, and this is what we seek to offer, with APHEA providing a beacon against which we can measure our performance.

An international student recently described the UWE Public Health course as “a place for everyone in an inspiring city full of opportunities … I definitely recommend it to those who want to grow in their profession or start a new career in the field.”

Validated 2022