• Ensuring greater academic RECOGNITION on the global stage.

• Promoting TRANSFERABILITY of public health education & training.

• Increasing EMPLOYABILITY of public health graduates.

• Attesting the QUALITY of Public Health Workforce training.


APHEA - Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation
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Agency For Public Health Education Accreditation - Validated Curriculum

The Curriculum Validation of Master level public health programmes was introduced in September 2014 and replaced the existing accreditation eligibility criteria.

Curriculum validation operates both as a stand-alone quality mark for curricula and also as a formal prerequisite to begin the process of programme and institutional accreditation.

The validation process confirms that the curriculum and its contents adhere to European standards for a modern comprehensive degree offering through containing the basic structure and core content expected from programmes in public health.

The period covered by the validation is 4 years beginning from the date of formal written acceptance.